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Fostering a safe space for recovery

Mission, vision, values

Our Mission 

Creating a safe space in the heart of the community where people with lived experience join together to build skills, provide support and find hope in recovery 

Our Vision 

A world where the joy and hope of recovery is accessible to all without barrier or stigma 

Our Values – developed by our peer community (3/3/20)

Safety, Community, Peer Unity, Life Building, Open-minded and Open-hearted, Grateful

Our Culture 

We are one compassionate, accountable community. We believe that our power lies with peers in recovery and family members with lived experience.  We use these resources to build a strong, skilled and effective recovery community.  

Our Strategic Pillars 

  • All Roads to Recovery are supported 
  • We are connected to our community 
  • All programs are FREE 
  • Our heart is in Scituate but we reach the South Shore 
  • We are constantly learning and growing 

Watch our South Shore Peer Recovery video to learn more about us