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Fostering a safe space for recovery

Facilitator posts

1. What is Yoga for Recovery?

Yoga for Recovery is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addiction or affected by addictive behavior of others. It combines the tools of working a 12-step program and the wisdom of yoga. It’s a slow, stretch and flow practice along… Read More

2. An Introduction!

Happy Day Light Savings! Welcome to my new blog. I’m Kathleen Picardi and I have been alcohol and drug free for many years, one day at a time. I am extremely grateful to be able to say that. My intention for this blog is that it… Read More

3. Back in person!

I am looking forward to seeing you back in person, or on zoom, at the Center on Sunday! Remember, we’re meeting at a new time, 6:30-8:00pm. This week’s reading from the Language of Letting Go is below. Comment any thoughts for us to talk about! See you Sunday. Read More

4. BEING on Vacation

I’m just back from AZ after a week with my son, daughter in-law and grandkids who turned 10 & 14. We hadn’t seen them for over a year due to Covid, and it was heartwarming to finally be with them, and enjoy sun and warm temperatures.One thing I thought of… Read More


I think the recovery process comes in stages. In looking back, I don’t remember all of them. My last post was about being in the present moment.  That too, is a process.  Some moments I’m present, on track and living in gratitude.  Others not so much.  I think it also… Read More

6. How Free Do You Want to be?

By: Kathleen Picardi I heard it at a meeting yesterday, “How Free Do you want to be?”  It struck me, something I haven’t been asked or given much thought to.  Freedom, when I stopped drinking, I felt a huge sense of freedom.  Freedom from the chase, the planning, the obsession,… Read More

7. Pulling Back the Curtain

I had a significant birthday last week, I entered a new decade that I’ll refer to as Level 7. One of the gifts I received was a new sense of self-awareness. Certainly sobriety as well as age has played a vital role in my discovery process. I’m pulling back the… Read More