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Fostering a safe space for recovery

4. BEING on Vacation

April 14, 2022

I’m just back from AZ after a week with my son, daughter in-law and grandkids who turned 10 & 14. We hadn’t seen them for over a year due to Covid, and it was heartwarming to finally be with them, and enjoy sun and warm temperatures.

One thing I thought of several times was how free I felt being on vacation not drinking, being present for the kids, and not being hung over, or feeling shame or remorseful. It was such a feeling of gratitude and freedom. Free from hiding, sneaking, preoccupation, and robbing myself of my time with my son and family who I only see once or twice a year. I would have missed most of it, had I been drinking not to mention the horrible memory I would have left with my grandkids

This is just one example of the joy we experience being in recovery.

“Within the now lies all peace”. Each Day a New Beginning, April 5

I’d love to hear your thoughts…….


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