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Fostering a safe space for recovery

What we do

South Shore Peer Recovery brings people with lived experience together to build a strong and vibrant recovery community.  We do so by: 

Our co-founder John Kimmett speaks of his own experience and the need for a Recovery Community Center: 

“After 40 years of using alcohol and marijuana, and losing the gift of choice, an appeal from my wife, asking me to stop drinking was the moment of clarity for me. I entered treatment and learned about chemical dependency. I surrendered to the power of addiction. I learned that it was physical, mental, and spiritual. I learned it was progressive, chronic, and fatal. After leaving treatment the challenge was to learn how to stay away from my drug of choice, and keep my chronic condition in remission. I was advised to seek the answers in the Recovery Community. The Recovery Community is the place to find the wisdom gained from lived experience; what works and what doesn’t work. Without my friends in recovery I would still be that isolated man overwhelmed by self. I need others to help me dismantle the walls of my isolation and remind me of my belonging. I need to remember I am connected to others and our world is the essence of healing.” 

Programs for People in Recovery

Programs for Family Members/Loved Ones