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Fostering a safe space for recovery

7. Pulling Back the Curtain

June 22, 2022

I had a significant birthday last week, I entered a new decade that I’ll refer to as Level 7. One of the gifts I received was a new sense of self-awareness. Certainly sobriety as well as age has played a vital role in my discovery process.

I’m pulling back the curtain, it’s time, and for me that’s driving into life fully. I read those words recently and it made me ponder that thought. I haven’t been, and I thought… if not now, when?

My new gift shines a light on the many aspects of my personality and my duality. I’m hesitant and restrictive for the most part, letting aspects of myself out and then like a protective, overbearing and cautious mother, I pull back.. revealing then retreating. I realize this is a self-sabotaging habit, one that definitely holds me back from living fully.

I pay careful attention to my behavior, and I’m extremely aware of the inner conversations I have with myself, and the language I use. That voice has been skewed in an unbalanced way for a while. Unfortunately, it’s contributing to my hesitancy towards living fully and embracing all of my qualities in a loving manner. I’m learning a softer, kinder language and beginning to challenge some self-defeating thoughts I have. This new language is highlighting my positive aspects. I feel that I can see myself more clearly and that my duality is more balanced.

What a gift this heightened self-awareness is. It certainly is guiding me to a fuller, more balanced life. Who knew what was hiding behind the curtain in Level 7! Have you asked yourself that question; if not now when?


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